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Lovely Aprons

I’m a fan of online shopping, baking and fashion so it was inevitable that my love for them would eventually lead to a search for a cute and fun apron.

I was pleasantly surprised with these Etsy finds:

Buy them here, here, here and here.

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BHLDN (pronounced beholden), Anthropologie’s new Bridal shop, opened on February 14th to a lot of expectations. Though the dresses left a lot to be desired, the lingerie is worth a virtual trip into the new online store.

Enjoy ūüôā

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Until recently, I was a social media skeptic. I thought Twitter was over-sharing and foursquare an invasion of privacy, but I gave in and have a not-so-secret crush on both. I love how they have different ways of helping you connect with people.

I’m addicted to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, A Small World and Four Square, but that doesn’t mean I’ll jump into any webpage that requires me adding friends or followers. Daily Booth was a bit too narcissistic for me but Blippy takes the award for the most ridiculous.

Blippy is a fun and easy way to see and discuss the things people are buying

I might as wells start giving out copies of my debit card statement to all that walk by. I don’t think it’s necessary, fun, smart or safe to tell the world how much money you decide to spend. That’s your business only. Will it make me cooler or a better person if my old high school friend or ex coworker knows how much I spend on a daily basis? Definitely no.

This goes under the category of Extreme and Unnecessary Oversharing.

I wonder if brands will try to market themselves on Blippy and how that would happen.

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Gilt Noir

I thought I was cool. I was in on all the sample- sale sites before all of my friends. I was a Hautelook, Gilt, and Rue La La member before it was trendy (and before things ran out in the first two minutes.) I thought it was my own little secret, even though I knew millions were in on it, and that’s partly what made shopping on those sites so special. I was in on something. I was part of a shopping club.

Gilt has managed to make me feel out of the club. No, they haven’t kicked me out (can they do that?), but they have created an exclusive club within the club. Gilt Noir lets the top .01% of members get¬† in on the sales 15 minutes before they start. They also get special perks. According to W Magazine’s Editor’s Blog:

Noir members will have access to special events, such as wine tastings at Christie’s, cooking classes with Waverly Inn chef John DeLucie and training sessions with the U.S. ski team in New Zealand.

Who’s in?¬† Gwyneth Paltrow, the VP of Google Marissa Mayer and 1,800 others that spent more than $10,000 on Gilt Group in the past year.

One of the recipients of the card posted the list of perks, and a picture of her package online.

This is the basic gist about the Noir card:

Get to sign in 15 minutes before the sale and see the items first

Special sale events:
the finest luxury labels
unrivaled access to emerging designers
custom-made couture clothing and jewelry
private dinners prepared by world-renowned chefs

getaways to secluded resorts

Special invitations to fashion shows, trunk shows and screenings.

Needless to say, I want in!

For an invite to Gilt:

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Members Only Bargains



When you think of bargain hunting nothing nice comes to mind. You usually associate with crowded racks, pushy women, long lines for the dressing room and an overall unpleasant shopping experience. And there’s always the risk that wehn you find that perfect top/dress/pants/skirts it has a stain/ snag/tear.¬†In my head it’s a little different.

For a while, I’ve been fascinated by the recent rise¬†in members-only shopping web pages. I love going on RueLaLa, Gilt Group and Hautelook to check what the sales are for each day. ¬† They’ve managed to turn crowded and unglamorous sales racks into fabulous exclusive online boutiques. They have sales that last one to two days with prices that are usually 40-70% off. ¬†I have to admit that I quickly became addicted to checking what was on ¬†each day and what fabulous finds I would save money on. ¬†I love everything about the shopping experience. I like feeling I save money, the idea that I’m part of a secret club, the amazing selection of brands, the quick shopping and getting the gorgeously wrapped package with the personalized notes. I’m the ideal customer.

As an advertising student I’m amazed at how the marketing aspect of these webpages work. They opened a nische market in a seemingly overcrwoded internet. They found a way to tap into the demographic of big spenders, and those who want to be big spenders, by ¬†packaging a sales rack in a much more alluring shopping experience. To get customers they rely on word of mouth and since women love secrets, especially shopping secrets, this method has been a hit. That, along with a $10 credit incentive has women sharing memberships with all their friends and taking the advertising aspect away from the online sotre’s hands. According to a Wall Street Journal,¬†

The private-sale business avoids two common pitfalls of online commerce: low margins due to inventory costs and spending on online ads. Marketing centers on email blasts to members. And by carrying only a few dozen styles, often out of season, the sites are able to keep a lid on inventory spending.

They not only manage to save themselves money, but also their clients. The time limit also ads pressure for the consumer and they think less about buying things. I’ve been about to buy things that have sold out and because of that (and to their benefit) I’ve learned to act quickly when I do want something. They don’t skimp on the shopping experience though. The web-pages are extremely user friendly and make sure that the shopping experience is special up to the point where you get your package. You get your quality goods in a gift box with a letter and ¬†in some cases other perks. RueLaLa has RueLaLa business cards which you can use to give to your friends and invite them to join the site. It sure beats shopping at Marshall’s or TJMax’s crowded racks to try to find some fancy bargains.


I might be a bit biased since I love bargains and I love shopping, but there’s definitely a future for these pages. There’s a reason why there’s so many popping up. Brands, clients and investors love them. I’m not the only one.

If you’re interested in some bargains, here’s a link for a membership to Rue La La (by far, my favorite)

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