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Until recently, I was a social media skeptic. I thought Twitter was over-sharing and foursquare an invasion of privacy, but I gave in and have a not-so-secret crush on both. I love how they have different ways of helping you connect with people.

I’m addicted to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, A Small World and Four Square, but that doesn’t mean I’ll jump into any webpage that requires me adding friends or followers. Daily Booth was a bit too narcissistic for me but Blippy takes the award for the most ridiculous.

Blippy is a fun and easy way to see and discuss the things people are buying

I might as wells start giving out copies of my debit card statement to all that walk by. I don’t think it’s necessary, fun, smart or safe to tell the world how much money you decide to spend. That’s your business only. Will it make me cooler or a better person if my old high school friend or ex coworker knows how much I spend on a daily basis? Definitely no.

This goes under the category of Extreme and Unnecessary Oversharing.

I wonder if brands will try to market themselves on Blippy and how that would happen.

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