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I’m all for creativity when it comes to events, but a McDonald’s wedding is definitely pushing it. McDonald’s outlets in Hong Kong are now offering “McWeddings.”

The complete  package, launched in January, includes pink invitation cards emblazoned with golden arches, McDonald’s food, wedding gifts and decor featuring the Hamburglar and Ronald McDonald, all for 9,999 Hong Kong dollars ($1,270). Couples can also shell out extra to rent a “white balloon” gown or purchase a balloon corsage and balloon wedding cake.

On Valentine’s Day, a man threw a surprise engagement party for his girlfriend at a McDonald’s offering weddings and other formal events. The “cake” was a stack of apple pies, and the couple received a pair of commemorative crystal M rings. It was the first formal booking, but McDonald’s said two wedding parties are confirmed for this year and 70 other couples are in talks.

Just in case you think I’m making this up, check out the promotional pictures below.

Found it here.

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BHLDN (pronounced beholden), Anthropologie’s new Bridal shop, opened on February 14th to a lot of expectations. Though the dresses left a lot to be desired, the lingerie is worth a virtual trip into the new online store.

Enjoy 🙂

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Vera Wang for David’s Bridal

Being on a recent college grad’s budget, I’m all for fashion for the masses. Designer collaborations make me giddy with their over-promises and attainable prices (as you can see here) . This one has no reason to make me excited personally, but I’m still happy for all those brides-to-be that, even on a limited budget, will be able to avoid tacky hideousness and go for a little Vera instead.

Enjoy the surprisingly pretty dresses below.




(via Fashionista)



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Shining Lights

This is one of the cutest marriage proposals I’ve ever seen.  How did he do that?

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Random Things

I know, I’m lazy, but these were piling up and they were too amusing not too share.  Enjoy 🙂

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Sin Vergüenza

My country never ceases to surprise me.  Dominicans have a knack for taking advantage of any situation and getting some money, or beer, out of it. Everywhere, everyone seems to be bringing up the King of Pop and anything they know about him, and Dominicans won’t be left behind.vMichael Jackson died in LA, and his only link to the DR has to be exploited. He married Lisa Marie Presley there  in 1994 and his wedding certificate somehow got itself into the wrong hands. It’s on sale on ebay until July 14th.


If you’re interested, and can afford it, it’s on sale on ebay for US$50,000.

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Love through a Lens

If you know me well enough you know I find weddings fascinating. Don’t think it’s because I’m wedding obsessed and I’d get married right now if I have a chance, but because I love the decorations, the dresses, the happiness, the food, the reunions and the positive energy that comes with one.  I often think I’ll find myself planning weddings at one point in my life. 

I ran across these pictures for a wedding photographer called max wanger and couldn’t help but smile. check out his webpage ofr even more pictures.

His webpage is:

and his blog is:

enjoy 🙂

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