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Fraud-o-matic is a genius micro site for Maloney & Porcelli’s a NYC steakhouse that has found an interesting way to get you to eat there: make the company pay for it.

This stunt from NYC agency Walrus goes beyond digital marketing in a page that’s both clever and charming. You simply have to enter the total of your Maloney & Porcelli’s bill and it will give you a pdf with a series of realistic looking receipts that add up to the exact amount you spent.

What better way to break through the mold then to have a humorous approach to the recession.

It’s advertising at it’s best, but I wonder if anyone has dared to use the fake receipts, especially with the amount of buzz the web page has gotten.

October 15, 2009 at 2:17 pm 1 comment

It’s Raining MJ Gloves

This VMA promo for a Michael Jackson tribute definitely stands out from previous humor-centered VMA promos. It also stands out from other Michael Jackson magazine articles, tributes and music video marathons that flooded the medias after his death. This video has a more respectful mood yet it manages to show that the King of Pop will get an iconic tribute.

The  “like not other” tagline, the things falling cityscape and the soft music makes me thing of the Bravia adverts here.

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Random Things

I know, I’m lazy, but these were piling up and they were too amusing not too share.  Enjoy 🙂

August 2, 2009 at 6:27 pm 1 comment

Took them long enough

*Jun 16 - 00:05*

I can’t believe it took the government six years to figure out the lady was dead and that the person cashing her checks wasn’t  her, but a much younger man in a wig and a dress. CRAZY

ABrooklynman is accused of donning a wig, nail polish and dresses to impersonate his dead mom and collect $115,000 in Social Security and rent subsidies.

For six years,Thomas Prusik-Parkinhoodwinked a stunning array of government agencies with his elaborate charade – using a cane, heavy makeup, fake ID and a phony “nephew,” law enforcement sources said.


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Improv Anywhere: New York Subway Art Gallery

March 24, 2009 at 7:09 pm 1 comment


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