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Faux-Plush Outdoor Furniture

I wish I had a garden so I had an excuse to buy this really cool set of outdoor furniture. The FildeFer collection  uses  iron rods to draw outlines of a classic plush upholstered living room set.  It also helps that they also come in my favorite shade of blue.

via the impossibly cool Cool Hunter

May 13, 2011 at 11:08 pm 2 comments

My Blue Period

If you’ve been to my apartment, you’ll notice I have a bit of a thing — and by that i mean obsession– with a special shade of blue. You can call it Tiffany blue, Eggshell blue, turquoise, Robin Egg blue or even Martha blue. I don’t care. What you call it makes no difference to me as long as I can get my hands on something with that color.

When I was putting together an inspiration board to decorate my apartment I realized there was quite a lot of this blue and I tried my best to control myself so I added other shades of light blue. Well, now I’m rambling. The point is. I love the color and have put together a collage of items that can give your home a splash of my favorite shade of blue.

You can get some of these at flea markets, Macy‘s, Etsy and Lamps Plus.

For my absolute favorite Turquoise inspiration blog go to:

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Bookshelf Love

If you’ve browsed my tumblr, you know i LOVE bookshelves. ( As you can see here, here , here, here and here)

Check out Karl Lagerfeld’s library as shot by the Selby


Found it here.

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For My Inspiration Board

I need to buy these.

These adorable little hangers will keep holes out of important things on my inspiration board. If only I would’ve found these sooner…

via Black Eiffel

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Double- Bowl

I’m all for simplicity, and though having a studio apartment in NYC doesn’t allow me to buy things that aren’t EXTREMELY useful, I can definitely appreciate how useful this clever bowl is. It has a special compartment that hides waste, from pistachio shells or olive pits, from view. If only they made an extra large one for buffalo wings.




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