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Better Late than Never


Americans tend to be innovative (or in some cases claim they are), but this is far from new.  Allure’s Daily Beauty Reporter  mentioned delivery  beauty treatments  as if they were a completely unique and ingenious concept. Coming from the Dominican Republic, I beg to differ. You can have anything done at home: blowouts, manicures, pedicures and massages. Though Allure mentions this as a perfect service for elderly women that can’t get themselves to a beautiful salon, in Santo Domingo it’s used by women of all ages.  In most cases it’s not more expensive than visiting your local beauty parlor and much more comfortable. 

visit the allure link HERE.

I’m a fan of this, and I know a lot of my friends are too. (Just ask my friend Moli)

Hopefully, the US will catch on to this pretty soon, but knowing US beauty prices it’s bound to be quite expensive.

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Free Hugs

The The Anonymous Hugging Wall  is an installation by Keetra Dean Dixon that can be found in London. Sadly, the webpage doesn’t say where I can find it or how long it’s up for. 

I’m sure you can’t help but smile when you walk by.

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I wish I’d invented these.

Picture 1

These are amazing. they’re exactly what you really want when leaving a club at 3 am (other than a hamburger/pizza/gyro). These Rollasole  ballet slippers are the perfect way to get down from your heels and go home. I’m super picky about taking of my shoes, and while I see some people step down from their stilettos and onto the sticky/gooey/dirty ground i can’t help but be disgusted. These shoes definitely solve the problem. Right now they are only being sold in vending machines at certain clubs in London. I looked at the list and I doubt I’ll be going to any of those anytime soon. Haven’t even heard of them. Every girl should have the right to buy one of this. Hopefully, I’ll see them before I leave and they’ll be stateside by next year. 

Picture 4

Congrats Rollasole! Love the idea.

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June 17, 2009 at 9:23 am 3 comments

I want one!

Floating Sofa

This chair is suspended in the air by a magnetic base. It has to be quite relaxing. I

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