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What’s going on in Egypt?

For those of you that don’t get it, here’s a visual explanation of what’s going on and why:

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Where There’s a Bark, There’s a Bite

Not even 'Edward' should go around biting.

I think Twilight fans are a bit much. I’m not against them– I’ve read all the books and seen the movies. I do see why they like it, but I think the obsession can get a little extreme.

I thought they were creepy but never THIS creepy. A girl watching New Moon in Michigan was actually bitten this weekend while watching New Moon. It wasn’t a sexy nibble gone wrong or a hungry moviegoer who mistook her for a snack but a 45 year old pervert sitting in the seat behind her.

He didn’t break the skin, and he hasn’t been caught yet. I assume she’ll be too creeped out to go to the movies anytime soon. I’m sure I would be too (after being disinfected, sanitized and had my tetanus shot)

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Though it might seem that most of the girls are into vampires with the Twilight, True Blood and Vampire Diaries craze I hope biting doesn’t become the new pick up line. Unless you’re Robert Pattison  and she has a Twilight tattoo, I’m pretty sure it won’t work.

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Hebras Solidarias


Recibí un email que quiero compartir. Es sobre Hebras Solidarias, un programa de Pantene que su proposito es recaudar cabello para la confección de pelucas a ser donadas gratuitamente a mujeres que padecen de cáncer. Déjalo crecer,córtalo, compártelo y brilla. 

Este jueves en Acrópolis a las 7:00pm hay un evento de donación donde habrá un corte masivo y simultáneo para 50 mujeres que quieran donar su cabello para el programa de Pantene ‘Hebras Solidarias.’ Si tienes mas de 8 pulgadas de cabello que no esta descolorado que pudieras donar entra a para saber mas sobre este programa.

Cómo funcionará? 

La idea es tener filas de personas en donde las personas de la fila de atrás recortan a la fila que la antecede, quedando la última fila de donantes a ser cortadas por nosotros. 

Nos encantaría poder contar con alguno de ustedes que haga el corte a nombre de la institución! 


Las que quieran donar su cabello pueden inscribirse a través de la pagina web o de un punto de inscripción que tienen en Acrópolis.


Para los/las que no pueden donar.

Para los/las que no pueden donar.

El cabello es una de las cosas que tenemos y no cuestionamos. Casi todas  nos hemos quejado de que esta lizo, rizo, largo, corto, oscuro, claro, necio o maltratado y la mayoría hemos tenido la dicha de nunca tener que quejarnos de que no esta ahí.  Si mi cabello llegara a las 8 pulgadas (no creo que llegue a 3) donara mi cabello a esta gran causa.


Haz click aquí para formar parte del grupo de apoyo de Hebras Solidarias en Facebook.
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News Things

I don’t have time for an actual post today but here’s some random news for the day, and I promise no Michael Jackson:

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Took them long enough

*Jun 16 - 00:05*

I can’t believe it took the government six years to figure out the lady was dead and that the person cashing her checks wasn’t  her, but a much younger man in a wig and a dress. CRAZY

ABrooklynman is accused of donning a wig, nail polish and dresses to impersonate his dead mom and collect $115,000 in Social Security and rent subsidies.

For six years,Thomas Prusik-Parkinhoodwinked a stunning array of government agencies with his elaborate charade – using a cane, heavy makeup, fake ID and a phony “nephew,” law enforcement sources said.


Read more:

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Top 10 Weird Illnesses

via Listverse

Before starting on the list, I should point out – these are all authentic medical ailments.

1. Art Attack (Stendhal Syndrome)

Dr Graziella Magherini, author of The Stendhal Syndrome, has studied more than 100 tourists in Florence, Italy, who became ill in the presence of great works of art. The symptoms include heart palpitations, dizziness, and stomach pains. The typical sufferer is between the ages of 26 and 40 who rarely leaves home..

Dr Magherini believes the syndrome is a result of jet lag, travel stress, and the shock of an overwhelming sense of the past. She says: “Very often there’s the anguish of death.’ The disorder is named after a nineteenth-century French novelist who was overwhelmed by the frescoes in Florence’s Santa Croce Church.
Particularly upsetting works of art are: Michaelangelo’s statue of David, Caravaggio’s painting of Bacchus, and the concentric circles of the Duomo cupola.

Wikipedia Article

2. Hula-hoop Intestine

On February 26, 1992, Beijing worker Xu Denghai was hospitalised with a twisted intestine after playing excessively with a hula-hoop. His was the third case in the several weeks since a hula-hoop craze had swept China. The Beijing evening news advised people to warm up before playing, and to avoid hula-hooping straight after eating.

[I cannot verify this story]

3. Carrot Addiction

In 1992, the British Journal of Addiction described three unusual cases of carrot dependence. One 40 year old man had replaced cigarettes with carrots. He ate as many as five bunches a day and thought about them obsessively. According to two Czech psychiatrists, when carrots were withdrawn, he and the other patients lapsed into heightened irritability.

American Government site relating a case of carrot addiction and its treatment

4. Cutlery Craving

The desire to eat metal objects is comparatively common. Occasionally there is an extreme case, such as that of 47 year old Englishman Allison Johnson. An alcoholic burglar with a compulsion to eat silverware, Johnson has had 30 operations to remove strange things from his stomach. In 1992, he had eight forks and the metal sections of a mop head lodged in his body. He has been repeatedly jailed and then released, each time going immediately to a restaurant and ordering lavishly. Unable to pay, he would then tell the owner to call the police, and eat cutlery until they arrived. Johnson’s lawyer said of his client, ‘He finds it hard to eat and obviously has difficulty going to the lavatory.”

BBC article with photographs illustrating the mental disorder that leads people to eat metal

5. Dr Strangelove Syndrome

Officially known as Alien Hand Syndrome, this bizarre neurological illness affects thousands of people. It is caused by damage to certain parts of the brain, and causes one of a person’s hands to act independently of the other and of its owner’s wishes. For example, the misbehaving hand may do the opposite of what the normal one is doing: if a person is trying to button a shirt with one hand, the other will follow along and undo the buttons. If one hand pulls up trousers, the other will pull them down. Sometimes the hand may become aggressive – pinching, slapping, or punching the patient. In at least one case, it tried to strangle its owner. Says neurologist Rachelle Doody, ‘Often a patient will sit on the hand, but eventually it gets loose and starts doing everything again.”

Wikipedia article on this mental disorder

6. Mud Wrestlers Rash (Palastaie Limosae)

Twenty-four men and women wrestled in calf-deep mud at the University of Washington. Within 36 hours, 7 wrestlers were covered with patches of pus-filled red bumps similar to pimples, and the rest succumbed later. Bumps were on areas of the skin not covered by bathing-suits – one unlucky wrestler had wrestled in the nude. The dermatitis palastaie limosae, or “muddy wrestling rash”, may have been caused by manure-tainted mud.

The Journal of the American Medical Association article on a study and results about this disease

7. Electric People

According to British paranormalist Hilary Evans, some people are ‘upright human [electric] eels, capable of generating charges strong enough to knock out streetlights and electronic equipment.” Cases of electric people date back to 1786, the most famous of which is that of 14 year old Angelique Cottin, whose presence caused compass needles to gyrate wildly. To further investigate this phenomenon, Evans founded SLIDE, the Street Lamp Interference Data Exchange.

Wikipedia article on this unusual phenomenon

8. Mary Hart Epilepsy

The case of Dianne Neale, 49, appeared in the New England Journal of Medicine. In the much-publicised 1991 event, Neale apparently suffered epileptic seizures at hearing the voice of Entertainment Tonight co-host Mary Hart. Neale experienced an upset stomach, a sense of pressure in her head, and confusion. Laboratory tests confirmed the abnormal electrical discharges in her brain, and Neale had a press conference to insist that she was not crazy. She said she bore no hard feelings toward Hard, who apologised on the air for the situation.

Report on the case as well as a similar case involving Pokemon. Neil suffered a temporal lobe seizure.

9. Foreign Accent Syndrome

There are about 50 recorded cases of Foreign Accent Syndrome, in which people who have suffered strokes or other injuries adopt a new accent. For example, Tiffany Roberts of Florida suffered a stroke and then began speaking with an English accent. She even adopted such Anglicisms as ‘bloody’ and ‘loo’. Ms Roberts had never been to Great Britain, and was not a fan of British television shows.

Perhaps the oddest case concerned a Norwegian woman who had fallen into a coma after being hit by shrapnel during an air raid in 1941. When she woke up, she spoke with a thick German accent. She was then ostracised by her neighbours.

Wikipedia article on Foreign Accent Syndrome

10. Uncombable Hair Syndrome

Also known as hair-felting, this condition causes hair to form a tangled mass. In a case reported in 1993, a 39 year old woman’s hair fell out and was replaced by dry, coarse, curly hair which was so tangled that it was impossible to comb. It lacked knots, kinks, or twists that would explain the tangling. The hairs themselves were strangely shaped: the cross-sections were triangular, grooved, or shaped like kidneys instead of circular.

The unusual solution to the condition is to cut off the solidified mass of hair. In one case, a woman from Indiana wanted to keep her hair, having spent 24 years growing it. After two and a half months of lubricating her hair with olive oil and separating the strands with knitting needles, her hair returned to normal.

US government medical site on this disorder and the DermAtlas photos

I’m glad those were not pandemics.

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PMS Responsible for Extra Spending

Retail Therapy

Retail Therapy

The UK’s Daily Mail published an article on how ” a shopping spree could be a way of dealing with the intense emotions of pre-menstrual syndrome, which affects around 90 per cent of women each month.”

Impulse buys and extravagant shopping are apparently more common at a particular stage in the menstrual cycle.

A study revealed that in the ten days before their periods begin – known as the luteal phase – women are much less in control of their spending habits.

This explains a lot…

via Daily Mail

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