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Rush Ridiculousness

One of the first image results when you search for 'sorority' on google

I don’t know much about sororities. All I know I’ve learned about TV shows and movies that portray what I thought was a ridiculous sorority stereotype. It’s nice to know they got the stereotype from somewhere, apparently the girls at Cornell’s Phi Phi sorority. They sent out a 7 pagI e list of dress requirements for rush week and here are some favorite of my favorite requirements:


  • No muffin tops or extreme low rise!!
  • No Cropped pants. Ugh
  • If wearing a skirt tights are necessary!
  • No summer pattern/colors
  • No frumpy
  • No Satin: No one looks good in satin dresses unless it’s from Betsey Johnson or Dolce and Gabbana, you weigh less than 130 pounds, have 3 pairs of spanx on and it’s New Years Eve.


  • Nice flats: Tory Burch, etc. More evening-ish understated
  • No sky-high hooker heels!
  • Boots worn OVER pants
  • NO white
  • If you’re wearing cheapo shoes amke sure they don’t look it.
  • No “Fuck-me-pumps”
  • No Tacky/cheapo/pleather. Don’t mess with me.


  • No obnoxious piercings.
  • No chokers
  • No ribbon overkill
  • No plastic
  • No charm. we aren’t 5. unless I say it’s beautiful
  • No forever21 rings
  • I will not tolerate any gross plastic shizz


  • Shaved legs
  • If you don’t know if something is appropriate/works, email me.
  • Blush. This is not optional.
  • No mustaches
  • No chapped lips
  • No sultry. It’s noon people. And these are girls, not laxers. No need to seduce them with caked on black eye makeup.
  • Nails: you best have a mani pedi when you get to Ithaca.
  • Wear perfume
  • Wear deodorant
  • Get waxed, cut, colored and groomed!!! Mani and pedi prior to Ithaca.

I though sororities were about sisterhood, not a ridiculous fashion police. If you must see the full list. They’re all here.

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Tips for Better Ideas

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Lady Data

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Sushi Manners

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Ayuda a Haiti

Los Centros de la Compañía de Jesús en Rep. Dominicana (Santo Domingo: Bonó y Centro Alberto Hurtado; Santiago: Centro Bellarmino y CEFASA; Dajabón: Solidaridad Fronteriza) han establecido una red de ayuda para socorrer a los damnificados del terremoto en Haití.

Estamos recibiendo los siguientes donativos:

– Habichuelas en lata
– Salchicas en lata
– Sardinas en lata
– Atún en lata
– Galletas de soda
– Leche tetrapack
– Jugos de fruta tetrapack
– Comida no perecible en general

–  Sueros de rehidratación oral
–  Gasas
– Algodón
– Analgésicos (acetaminofén, ibuprofen)
– Cabestrillos
– Vendaje elástico
– Toxoide antitetánico
– Ganmaglobulina antitetánica humana
– Antibióticos (amoxicifilina, en suspensión y/o comprimidos)
– Antisépticos (tipo yodopovidona, o tipo jabón de clorhexidina)
– Toallas sanitarias


Pueden dejar sus contribuciones en:
– Bonó, c. Josefa Brea N. 65, Mejoramiento Social, Santo Domingo
– Centro Alberto Hurtado, Av. Jiménez Moya N. 37, (al lado de Inazúcar), Santo Domingo
– Centro Bellarmino, Km 1 .5, Aut. Duarte, Santiago
– CEFASA, Km. 5, Autopista Luperón
– Solidaridad Fronteriza, C/ Manuel Roca 13, Dajabón

para los que están en Arroyo Hondo:

– Parroquia San Jose de Calasanz: Calle A esq Belice , Cuesta Hermosa III Tel: (809)567-2264

Para donativos en efectivo, hacer giro a la siguiente cuenta del Banco Popular: Centro Bonó, 734510795

Si el pago se realiza en cheque, favor hacerlo a nombre de “Centro Bonó”.  Puede depositarse en esa cuenta o entregarse en algunos de los centros.

Para más informaciones:

–          Bonó: (809) 682-4448; (809) 688-1646
–         Centro Hurtado, Servir-D: (809) 535-2977
–         Centro Bellarmino: (809) 582-6998
–         CEFASA: (809) 736-8272
–         Solidaridad Fronteriza: (809) 579-8993

Dirección electrónica:;

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Uggly Choos

I rushed to H&M the day the Jimmy Choo for H&M line launched. I was excited and hopeful I would find a fabulous pair of the coveted Choo for my closet. The trip was unsuccessful and disappointing. They were ill-fitting, hard, and cheap looking. So I moved on. I didn’t think about it twice.

Now they go ahead and announce a Jimmy Choo and UGG collaboration. What is Tamara Mellon on?! I will admit I am a closeted UGG wearer (I reserve them for trips to school and Whole Foods), but I don’t think Tamara Mellon will be able to make them look trendy and fashionable. The reworked UGGs, which will launch in October, will keep the same shape, but will include “classic Jimmy Choo design details”

If collaborations aren’t your forte you move on and carry on ding what you do best– mile high stilettos and embellished flats.

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Gilt Noir

I thought I was cool. I was in on all the sample- sale sites before all of my friends. I was a Hautelook, Gilt, and Rue La La member before it was trendy (and before things ran out in the first two minutes.) I thought it was my own little secret, even though I knew millions were in on it, and that’s partly what made shopping on those sites so special. I was in on something. I was part of a shopping club.

Gilt has managed to make me feel out of the club. No, they haven’t kicked me out (can they do that?), but they have created an exclusive club within the club. Gilt Noir lets the top .01% of members get  in on the sales 15 minutes before they start. They also get special perks. According to W Magazine’s Editor’s Blog:

Noir members will have access to special events, such as wine tastings at Christie’s, cooking classes with Waverly Inn chef John DeLucie and training sessions with the U.S. ski team in New Zealand.

Who’s in?  Gwyneth Paltrow, the VP of Google Marissa Mayer and 1,800 others that spent more than $10,000 on Gilt Group in the past year.

One of the recipients of the card posted the list of perks, and a picture of her package online.

This is the basic gist about the Noir card:

Get to sign in 15 minutes before the sale and see the items first

Special sale events:
the finest luxury labels
unrivaled access to emerging designers
custom-made couture clothing and jewelry
private dinners prepared by world-renowned chefs

getaways to secluded resorts

Special invitations to fashion shows, trunk shows and screenings.

Needless to say, I want in!

For an invite to Gilt:

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