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“You’re so fly” & other love notes

Kate Spade got it right with these fabulous E-Cards. I’m in love with these, and whether you have a Valentine or not, you better find someone to send these to.

Click HERE to send some Valentine’s Day recession-friendly love.

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For Your Valentine

These are cheesy and cute and I couldn’t help it.


Download the template here.


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Heart Cake

Baking for your Valentine?

Check out this cool heart cake tutorial.

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For Your Un-Valentine

Imagine this. It’s Valentine’s Day. You get a fancy looking box just the right size for flowers. You wonder who it’s from. You sigh. You pull the ribbon. You slowly open the box (ok, who am I kidding, you quickly open the box). They’re dead. Each and every one of the flowers is dead. This must be a mistake. Right? Nop. It’s not.

It’s Dirty Rotten Flowers‘ doing. They actually offer the service of sending people you dislike, well hate, dead flowers. Check out the pictures below.

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Valentine’s day¬† is right around the corner. Even though I’m not expecting roses or chocolate, I certainly wouldn’t be able to appreciate it if someone sent me this. Not even the best intentions can disguise that the Hug E Gram must be one of the silliest things sold on the internet. This is its description:

A Hug-E-Gram lets you give your hug to someone when you can’t be there! It is the hug that lasts. You will understand how very special the moment can be as the love and sentiment from you comes through. The Hug-E-Gram is available in 3 different colors (Black, Red or Salmon). After you order, you may record a personalized message that will arrive with your Hug-E-Gram.

Imagine getting this in the mail for valentines. Would you actually put it on? Or would you leave it in a corner for the dog to chew on?

I wonder what the card would say. Maybe Hunny here’s a hug for my favorite part of you. Your love handles.

What would you write in the card if you were to send a Hug-E-Gram? Share it in the comments.

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Valentine’s Day

stats via the US Census, She Knows and TopCultured

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