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Black & White & Underwater

Check out these amazing underwater pictures by Hengki Koentjoro . Make sure to go to his Flickr to check out some more.

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Shoe Diary

You have to admire Elle Magazine. While most magazines haven’t ventured out of their comfort zone, Elle has gone all out. They had their own Reality TV Show, Olivia’s stories at Elle are as important as Whitney on the City, and everyone seems to be crushing on Joe Zee. My favorite so far is their shoe diary. It documents cute shoes worn by the staffers every day. The pictures are surprisingly cool. I think it’s an adorable way to show the public more of what goes on inside Elle and I’d love to be a part of it.  I wonder what shoes I’d have to wear to get an internship there.

If i had a Daily Booth this is definitely what I would do.

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All Together Now, Again.

Remember how I was obsessed with an ad and decided to have a little fun with it?

Well, someone decided to one up me, but they decided to have A LOT of fun with it.
Isaac, a friend from London who likes videos and pictures (a little too much if you ask me), decided to prove himself worthy of big projects and show his talent.
He decided to give up a looooot of his  time to pay homage to the ad in a way more labor intensive way.

I’m impressed (and kind of jealous!)

Amazing work Isaac.

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Coco Chanel is Rolling in her Grave

Picture 6

Perez has made his life criticising others. He’s made a ton of money over making people feel inadequate at what they do (or attempt to do). I won’t pretend I hate him, I was obsessed with his web page not so long ago, but I’m over his new self-promotion antics.  He loves dissing actresses that go into singing and singers that go into acting. He’s tried writing a book (didn’t sell as much as planned), and designing a fashion line (horrible), but his success has been through his gossip blog. If he recognizes that to each his own why is he going into fashion blogging? His new web page Coco Perez, which Perez refers to as “the ultimate destination for where celebrity meets fashion,” is an unnecessary attempt to dive into one of the areas he knows the least about. He knows nothing about fashion (see his own clothes and styling) and I think it’s ridiculous in venturing into this area. I doubt he’ll be feautring anything beside b, c and z list actors and actresses that don’t know how to dress. I wonder if we’ll be seeing any real fashionistas or stylish people there? And no, his obsession  Lady Gaga, doesn’t count as stylish.

Picture 3

The weirdest thing is his reference to Coco Chanel in his blog title page when I’m sure that if she were alive she’d want nothing to do with him.

Another interesting observation is Gap’s sponsorhsip of this page. It tells how desperate they are to jump into the “hip” and “fashionable” band wagon. I don’t think Perez is the best way to do so. The Sartorialist and other blogs of the like show people in classic, not trend, pieces that look great and might identify more with the Gap brand. Yes, Perez reaches a mass market, but it’s a mass market obsessed with Britney’s comeback, Katie Price and Lilly Allen’s stupid moves. I don’t think this is something that Gap, known for its classic looks, wants to be associated with. Their collaborations with designers was a much better way to get attention.

Though Perez is a media genius and I have to give him props for being able to get virtually unknown singers into everyone’s head and for adding charities into his blog posts, I think he should’ve learned from his past mistakes of venturing outsie his forte, and leave fashion blogging to those who know about it.

Some of my favorite fashion blogs:

  • The Sartorialist – for stlyish street fashion from NY to Milan
  • Easy Fashion – for street styles from Paris
  • The Cut – Ny Magazines fashion blog. Great for info on Brands and
  • Go Fug Yourself – for my dose of celebrity bashing with wit and amazing pop references
  • Sea of Shoes – a sort of edgy fashion diary. so famous she got her own shoe collaboration with uo.
  • Cherry Blossom Girl – a great mix between fashion and photography.
  • Jak and Jil Blog–  amazing pictures of shoes and fashionistas.
  • Who What Wear– celebrities and fashionistas with a unique take on trends.

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Random Things

I know, I’m lazy, but these were piling up and they were too amusing not too share.  Enjoy 🙂

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Continuing the theme of the week, here are some moon landing related links. Some pictures, videos and everything in between.

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Strike a Pose

The Sartorialist is one of those pages that I have to check everyday. I love the outfits, the people and the photographs. I would love to spend a day by his side seeing how he works and approaches people. I’ve never been able to go up to somebody and just ask them to pose.  But more than wanting to learn how he works I want to be in it (which reader doesn’t?) so I was very amused to find this chart by Refinery29 that, with humor as a medium, uses recent patterns to tell you how to get on the Sartorialist. Maybe I should start dressing in monochromatic suits with chunky and expensive accessories. how-to-get-shot-by-sartorialist[1]I’m looking for cobblestones after work today while walking (since i can’t ride) with a vintage bicycle.

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Bad Dog.

This shoe spread for French Marie Claire is adorable. It’s a completely different take on the usual long legs and stilettos. Dogs add to the cute factor, but I can’t believe they let them chew on such stylish (and expensive) footwear. When my mom was arguing her points on why I shouldn’t get a puppy she should’ve just shown me these. I wouldn’t have been able to argue back

Here is the spread shot by Peter Lippman


I guess they should’ve fed them nutribalance

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Happily Ever After?

I came across this set of pictures and was instantly fascinated. It’s an obvious idea that noone has explored before.

What would happen to the Disney Princesses if they didn’t live in ” a land far far away.”

Dina Goldstein shows us just that in the following set of pictures. In her own words:

I began to imagine Disney’s perfect Princesses juxtaposed with real issues that were affecting women around me, such as illness, addiction and self-image issues.


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Love through a Lens

If you know me well enough you know I find weddings fascinating. Don’t think it’s because I’m wedding obsessed and I’d get married right now if I have a chance, but because I love the decorations, the dresses, the happiness, the food, the reunions and the positive energy that comes with one.  I often think I’ll find myself planning weddings at one point in my life. 

I ran across these pictures for a wedding photographer called max wanger and couldn’t help but smile. check out his webpage ofr even more pictures.

His webpage is:

and his blog is:

enjoy 🙂

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