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Crushing on Stationary

I’m loving these love notes (or friendship notes) from Susy Jack* a cute stationary online shop that has extremely charming cards, clips and magnets.

I admit I’m a bit biased when it comes to stationary — I have a box of cards waiting to be sent — but these are too cute not to share

Take a peak at part of the full collection:

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Swimsuit Summer

Summer is almost here, and swimsuits are everywhere. I hope this summer is as full of swimsuits for you, as (i hope) it will be for me.

Below are my favorite picks for beachware from Net-A-Porter. A bit out of budget, but a girl can dream.

Miu Miu’s feminine take on the bikini.

A unique Missoni crochet one-piece

DVF knows how to pull off a one-piece. It’s sexy yet stylish.


Herve’s take on the popular monokini. As expensive as his mini dresses

An amazing coverup by Mara Hoffman

This DVF cover up would make any  beach outfit complete


I’ve caught the summer bug. Hope these cloudy and windy days go away soon.


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Yellow Submarine

Can’t get over the cuteness of this yellow umbrella that has a little peephole to help you survive rainy days.

Found it here. Buy it here if you can understand.

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Fell in love with this line of minimalistic jewelry by Beijing born Ximao Miao, Derek, who has an eye for the beautifully simplistic.

My favorite, by far, is the paper airplane. I want!!!!


Buy them here.

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The State of Unemployment

An Infographic by UNIXL

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Juice Boxes

Students tend to see the world in a different way. They’re more optimistic and less jaded. They haven’t heard “NO” a million times and are working hard to impress their professions and their peers. This is why I think we should all be more like students in a way. We should keep trying to be our best.

Why the rant? These Juice Boxes from Design student Yunyeen Yong are amazing. This Australian student took things further than expected in her packaging class.

Maybe if we all took what we do a step further the world would be full of beautiful ideas (and packaging).


Found on

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Found it here

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What’s going on in Egypt?

For those of you that don’t get it, here’s a visual explanation of what’s going on and why:

Via VisualNews

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Double- Bowl

I’m all for simplicity, and though having a studio apartment in NYC doesn’t allow me to buy things that aren’t EXTREMELY useful, I can definitely appreciate how useful this clever bowl is. It has a special compartment that hides waste, from pistachio shells or olive pits, from view. If only they made an extra large one for buffalo wings.




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Vera Wang for David’s Bridal

Being on a recent college grad’s budget, I’m all for fashion for the masses. Designer collaborations make me giddy with their over-promises and attainable prices (as you can see here) . This one has no reason to make me excited personally, but I’m still happy for all those brides-to-be that, even on a limited budget, will be able to avoid tacky hideousness and go for a little Vera instead.

Enjoy the surprisingly pretty dresses below.




(via Fashionista)



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