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All Together Now

Those who know me well know that I usually make fun of these things, but I couldn’t help it. I’m intrigued (and slightly obsessed) with this new Budweiser ad:

and this is what hapenned when I put together a couple of friends, a ton of time, and some beer.

Yes, that’s me and of course you’re allowed to laugh.


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Prubas Nacionales

Vi en Duarte101 hoy un articulo sobre las Pruebas Nacionales que me llamo la atención. Los artículos sobre el fraude que hubo a través de celulares no me sorprendieron para nada. Pero el artículo de Clave Digital de hoy donde la ex Secretaria de Educación dice que son necesarias.

Como estudiante Dominicana que ha tomado las Pruebas Nacionales en dos ocasiones y ha oído mil historias de lo que pasa en esas aulas me sorprende que todavía sigan ahí.. En teoría, si encuentro que son necesarias. El país necesita una manera de medir como va el sistema de educación y que áreas y sectores necesitan mejoría.

Me encontré hipócrita que hayan hecho un caso de los estudiantes que hicieron fraude cuando hace varios años ya que los celulares están recibiendo mensajitos con una serie de a, b, c, y d ‘s los días de ‘las pruebas’.  Fue una manera de hacerle creer a la prensa  que si se las estaban tomando en serio. Las tendrán que retomar pero cuantos otros estudiantes no fueron agarrados y cuantos jurados de la secretaria se fueron con una conciencia sucia a su casa.

No puedo decir que todos los estudiantes han hecho trampa, pero si puedo decir que esa trampa ya no es a base de simple ‘chivos.’ En muchos casos no son los celulares que son la mayor causa del fraude en las pruebas si no que los mismos jueces de la Secretaria de Educación. En mi caso, El juez de la secretaria saco del aula al supervisor de mi colegio para evitar que el nos diera las respuestas. Luego, pregunto quien era el mas inteligente en la materia y procedió a dictarnos cada una de las respuestas con una clave que parece que no era la primera vez que utilizaba.  Y así siguieron todos los días. Nos sentábamos, nos dictaban las respuestas, esperábamos un rato y nos parábamos uno a uno a entregar el examen. Así se de muchas personas, que se las mandaron por celular o se las dio el jurado.

Yo tuve la dicha de recibir una educación superior a muchas y como quiera mis exámenes no reflejaron lo que yo sabía. Me pregunto si reflejaran los del resto de la nación.

Me gustaría ver algún día algo que funcione en nuestro país sin corrupción.  La educación es clave para el desarrollo y necesaria para nosotros poder avanzar y superarnos.  Se que para algunos de los involucrados, la educación del pueblo no es una prioridad. Debería serlo. El futuro de nuestro país depende en un gobierno justo y considerado. No se si es por ilusa, pero quisiera ver un sistema de educación donde la prioridad sean los estudiantes y no lo que dice la prensa.

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Twilight Obsessions

There are Twilight fans that are die hard fans. I read the books, loved them and fell in love with Edward, but I still don’t get how some people get so crazily obsessed. I have been able to study them up close (my sister is a twilight crazy fan) and I think they’re quite amusing. Last Halloween I made her a Mrs. Cullen costume and I thought that was extreme. Apparently, there’s definitely crazier fans than she is.

Here are some crazy Twilight things I’ve found lately.

Twilight Lip Venom

LipVenomVThe description goes to the twilight fan extreme by saying:

This product should be shaken before use to represent the blending of the human and vampire worlds 

It also shows the financial power of the Twilight Fan since they’re already experiencing shipping delays because of the response.

Twilight Candy

First, it was teh Sweethearts that were changed. The signature classic phrases were replaced with “Dazzle,” “Bite Me,” “Live 4-Ever,” “I [heart] EC” and “Forks.”  They apparently were a success since for the new movie the Twilight cast is getting “New Moon” Chocolate Bars.



This is, by far, the most amazing one. Tattoos. You can’t throw away a lip gloss bottle, or hide the chocolate box and pretend it never happened. It’ll be there forever. These fans got quotes, logos and images tattooed on their bodies, and most are nothing near small. I wonder what they’ll think about them in 10 to 15 years. The craziest one is definitely the Robert Pattinson one. What was she thinking? That he’d see the creepy obsessive tattoo and decide to marry her?

via Geekologie


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Continuing the theme of the week, here are some moon landing related links. Some pictures, videos and everything in between.

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Free Nothings


read the small print

read the small print



All companies want a piece of the free publicity that social networking brings. Twitter, Facebook and bloggers have the ability of getting the attention of a lot of people. Recently, companies have been trying to find new ways to exploit this new media and its influence. Moonfruit has been the best example so far. They managed to get themselves on the trending topics by simply offering 10 MacBook Pros to one random person per day that mentioned moonfruit in their tweets. It managed to get them a huge amount of attention and free press. 

Some have been victims of it. Yesterday i saw that one of the trending topics was “AT&T is a big” and another one was “steaming, hip of failure.” Of course, I had to click and it led me to an article that trashes AT&T and encourages Apple to not renew their exclusivity contract for the iPhone with AT&T. 

Hopefully, Starbucks won’t get trashed for their pathetic attempt to get positive press. Thier offering a free pastry  on the morning of July 21st to anyone that buys a beverage. But by morning they mean opening time to 10:30am. They are obviously trying to increase sales and entry into their stores, but maybe they should try harder. Ben and Jerry’s has a free cone DAY  and one day a year Dunkin Donuts offers free iced coffee from 10am to 10pm. Everyone could get a free cone or a free iced coffee but only those that print out the paper or show it to the barista on their handheld device will be able to get the pastry. I think braving those bound-to-be-crazy lines is certainly enough.

I wonder if Starbucks will get the publicity and sales rise it desires. I personally, don’t think a couple of hours is enough. And they definitely owe loyal customers more than 2 or 3 hours of a limited amount of free pastries.

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The Uniform Project


In an effort to raise money for Indian school children living in slums, Sheena Matheiken, is wearing the same dress for a whole year. For the Uniform Project she has 7 versions of the same model and accesorizes with vintage pieces and donations.

The Uniform Project is also a year-long fundraiser for the Akanksha Foundation, a grassroots movement that is revolutionizing education in India. At the end of the year, all contributions will go toward Akanksha’s School Project to fund uniforms and other educational expenses for children living in Indian slums. 

The Akansha project  works on the basis that the Indian government spends an average of $360 on one child’s public school education.

Akanksha has vowed to spend the same amount on every slum child  to afford them a better, more well rounded education enabling them to graduate the 10th grade. The funds raised from this project will go towards materializing Akanksha’s goals for the new schools they are opening this fall in Mumbai and Pune.

At the time of this post she’s been able to raise $5,446 by simply wearing the same dress, accessorizing and using social media to spread the word. It’s a unique effort that is showing results. Share the cause and spread the word.

via DailyCandy

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Strike a Pose

The Sartorialist is one of those pages that I have to check everyday. I love the outfits, the people and the photographs. I would love to spend a day by his side seeing how he works and approaches people. I’ve never been able to go up to somebody and just ask them to pose.  But more than wanting to learn how he works I want to be in it (which reader doesn’t?) so I was very amused to find this chart by Refinery29 that, with humor as a medium, uses recent patterns to tell you how to get on the Sartorialist. Maybe I should start dressing in monochromatic suits with chunky and expensive accessories. how-to-get-shot-by-sartorialist[1]I’m looking for cobblestones after work today while walking (since i can’t ride) with a vintage bicycle.

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