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Perfect Messy Blowout Tutorial

Great tutorial.

Loving the second part.

Via Luli

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The Perfect Un-perfect Side-Pony

I hate doing anything elaborate with my hair, mostly because I’m lazy, but partly because I hate how overdone hair can look. I absolutely love this simple and easy tutorial on how to get the perfect pony. I’m definitely trying this soon.


Idea and pictures via Cup of Joe

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Daily Nails

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Nails


I’m a brat when it comes to manicures. I always need my nails to be perfect and have a hard time finding a manicurist I love. It’s not only because I’m picky, which I am, but it has mostly to do with the fact that I used to bite my nails and, unless they’re perfect, I bite and pick until I have no nails or cuticle, and that’s yucky. My pickiness also extends to nail art. I’d never do it. ever. I just don’t like how it looks, but you have to admire the girl from The Daily Nail.

She not only finds creative ways to decorate her nails, but she does it every single day. Talk about sticking to something. She’s been at it since only September 30th and I wonder how long she’ll be able to come up with unique things. She has some quirky and hilarious nail designs. Here are some of the funniest ones.


Does it make me neurotic that I couldn’t stop thinking that her cuticles won’t survive this ordeal?


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Hebras Solidarias


Recibí un email que quiero compartir. Es sobre Hebras Solidarias, un programa de Pantene que su proposito es recaudar cabello para la confección de pelucas a ser donadas gratuitamente a mujeres que padecen de cáncer. Déjalo crecer,córtalo, compártelo y brilla. 

Este jueves en Acrópolis a las 7:00pm hay un evento de donación donde habrá un corte masivo y simultáneo para 50 mujeres que quieran donar su cabello para el programa de Pantene ‘Hebras Solidarias.’ Si tienes mas de 8 pulgadas de cabello que no esta descolorado que pudieras donar entra a para saber mas sobre este programa.

Cómo funcionará? 

La idea es tener filas de personas en donde las personas de la fila de atrás recortan a la fila que la antecede, quedando la última fila de donantes a ser cortadas por nosotros. 

Nos encantaría poder contar con alguno de ustedes que haga el corte a nombre de la institución! 


Las que quieran donar su cabello pueden inscribirse a través de la pagina web o de un punto de inscripción que tienen en Acrópolis.


Para los/las que no pueden donar.

Para los/las que no pueden donar.

El cabello es una de las cosas que tenemos y no cuestionamos. Casi todas  nos hemos quejado de que esta lizo, rizo, largo, corto, oscuro, claro, necio o maltratado y la mayoría hemos tenido la dicha de nunca tener que quejarnos de que no esta ahí.  Si mi cabello llegara a las 8 pulgadas (no creo que llegue a 3) donara mi cabello a esta gran causa.


Haz click aquí para formar parte del grupo de apoyo de Hebras Solidarias en Facebook.
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Better Late than Never


Americans tend to be innovative (or in some cases claim they are), but this is far from new.  Allure’s Daily Beauty Reporter  mentioned delivery  beauty treatments  as if they were a completely unique and ingenious concept. Coming from the Dominican Republic, I beg to differ. You can have anything done at home: blowouts, manicures, pedicures and massages. Though Allure mentions this as a perfect service for elderly women that can’t get themselves to a beautiful salon, in Santo Domingo it’s used by women of all ages.  In most cases it’s not more expensive than visiting your local beauty parlor and much more comfortable. 

visit the allure link HERE.

I’m a fan of this, and I know a lot of my friends are too. (Just ask my friend Moli)

Hopefully, the US will catch on to this pretty soon, but knowing US beauty prices it’s bound to be quite expensive.

via Allure

June 29, 2009 at 2:56 pm 2 comments


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