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Moleskine Art

I bought a moleskin more than a year ago thinking I was going to fill it up. I didn’t know what I was going to fill it up with, but it’s still there waiting. Some might call me capricious, but I’m just easily distracted by bigger and better things (or so I like to tell myself). 

I found an amazing post on The Jailbreak  about Quoteskin a perosnal project by graphic designer Lee Crutchley who uses his pens and a Moleskin to illustrate  some of his favorite quotes, thoughts and music lyrics. 

Some might say I’m easily impressed (it’s a virtue), but I do admire his ability to take two simple objects and a simple concept and turn it into something that makes me smile.  Here are some of my favorites:

For more click here.

And to make me feel even more useless here’s a link to the My Moleskine 2.0 Exhibition which shows even more creative things to do with your moleskine.

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It’s Raining MJ Gloves

This VMA promo for a Michael Jackson tribute definitely stands out from previous humor-centered VMA promos. It also stands out from other Michael Jackson magazine articles, tributes and music video marathons that flooded the medias after his death. This video has a more respectful mood yet it manages to show that the King of Pop will get an iconic tribute.

The  “like not other” tagline, the things falling cityscape and the soft music makes me thing of the Bravia adverts here.

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Random Things


Some things I saw online today that made me laugh:

Via Presurfer and Geekologie

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World of Paper

Simple product. Great ad.

I guess I’m never going to be allowed to complain to myself about having a dull client when BBDO México made this visually intriguing ad about a simple lined notebook. I love it.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “World of Paper “, posted with vodpod

The tagline says : All good ideas start with paper. I agree.

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Buddah Pears


I’ve seen a lot of webpages report on the Baby Shaped Pears that are being grown by a Chinese farmer. He’s been trying to figure them out in 2003 and he reportedly grew 10,000 pears this year. In my opinion, they look more like Buddah than a baby, but no matter what they look like they’re not worth the $5 pounds he’s selling them for. He makes them but putting a plastic mold around them at what he’s emasured to be the perfect time and taking them out of the mold before the ripen.


I find them very creepy, and wouldn’t consider eating one.

Click here for more examples of unnaturally shaped fruits and vegetables.

From a marketing point of view it would be interesting to see if brands would dear to dwell into this. I won’t be surprised if we soon see Mickey shaped apples in Disney World or Logos on certain vegetables.

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