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The State of Unemployment

An Infographic by UNIXL

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“You’re so fly” & other love notes

Kate Spade got it right with these fabulous E-Cards. I’m in love with these, and whether you have a Valentine or not, you better find someone to send these to.

Click HERE to send some Valentine’s Day recession-friendly love.

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Fraud-o-matic is a genius micro site for Maloney & Porcelli’s a NYC steakhouse that has found an interesting way to get you to eat there: make the company pay for it.

This stunt from NYC agency Walrus goes beyond digital marketing in a page that’s both clever and charming. You simply have to enter the total of your Maloney & Porcelli’s bill and it will give you a pdf with a series of realistic looking receipts that add up to the exact amount you spent.

What better way to break through the mold then to have a humorous approach to the recession.

It’s advertising at it’s best, but I wonder if anyone has dared to use the fake receipts, especially with the amount of buzz the web page has gotten.

October 15, 2009 at 2:17 pm 1 comment

Jimmy Choo’s I Can Afford

Jimmy Choo


It’s everywhere on the net today, but I feel like sharing it anyways. Actually, what I really want to do is scream it to whoever want to listen and hope that I can get a hand on those shoes early. The only good thing coming out of the recession is the new Tamara Mellon collaboration with H&M. On November 14 all of us with access to one of the 200 H&M’s  (and the will to fight, scratch, kick, punch and slap for a pair of shoes and bag) will get their hands on one of these. I can’t wait for them to come out!

via Vogue UK

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