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We’ve all seen this idea before, mostly in futuristic films that show how the world would be in the year 2235, but it’s kind of creepy seeing it come to life. The SmellIt is a new device that plays smells along with your dvd player. Here is how it works (as described on their webpage):

SMELLIT works just like your printer, but instead of ink cartridges, it works with smell cartridges. As your DVD player reads the video and sound information from your favourite DVD disc, SMELLIT processes the same DVD, but the ”smell CARD” decodes all the smell information from 10 to 20 seconds* ahead of the actual scene so the odours have time to reach the spectators. After decoding the smell information, the cartridge vaporizes a very small amount off concentrated “smell gel”, and the central fan distributes equally the smell in all directions. It can be loaded with 118 cartridges, each one with a different concentrated “smell gel”. All the cartridges can be easily changed and last 3 times more than a regular ink cartridge.

Imagine the surprises that could come when surfing channels. This could give a whole new meaning to Giada DiLorenti’s show. It sounds good in theory, but I’d definitely have to limit my Food Network activity if I don’t want to gain 5,000 pounds. 

As a person I think it’s a clever idea, but a bit weird. If it catches on I’ll be one of the late adopters.

As a future advertiser I think it’s an incredible idea and opens a whole new world of possibilities. Who wouldn’t order pizza at 11pm when you smell it whole lazily sitting on your couch? I wonder who’s going to be the first to take advantage of it. I’m looking forward to the Glade ads. 

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  • 1. rick99  |  June 24, 2009 at 4:01 pm

    Problem they don’t seem to address: the latency of smells in the room when you cut from one scene to the next.

    Besides what the F%#% does ‘last 3 times more than a regular ink cartridge’ mean? It lasts 3 times longer than an ink cartridge used to print the picture frames???

  • 2. molimoda  |  June 25, 2009 at 1:56 pm

    Speaking of Tim Burton, and WIlly Wonka and all those crazy things. This seems like an appropriate follow up. Smell o vision seems…um…interesting to say the least.

    However…key things that come to mind.

    1. There are some things on TV I’m sure none of us want to smell.
    2. Who decides what the best pizza smell is? Or what type of chocolate you want to get your smell from? Maybe a yummy smell for me isn’t exactly the same as a yummy smell for you when it comes to a certain food category.
    3. how much would these smell cartridges actually cost? I bet ya they won’t be cheap =P


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