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I’m a Mac fan. i wouldn’t go back to PC for anything, and I can’t stand vista. I love my iPod and don’t imagine myself using a Zune, a CD player or any of the other music players in the market, but some things are just too much. I thought this list was full of ridiculous things. An ipod coffee table?! and an iCePod ice-cream?! come on!

1. Cupcakes

iPod cupcake
(image credit: clevercupcakes)

iPhone cupcakes
(image credit: nickbilton)

I’m a cupcake freak. So I’m bias on these. I think they’re cute, and I admire the talent and time put into them.

2. Costumes

iPhone costume
(via: DVICE)

ipod dog costume
(via: DVICE)

The dog one is amazing. Is that a display ipod? I have no idea, but it’s perfect. THe couple might as well have gone as the plug and the outlet. It’s just as cheesy , half as geeky, and would’ve taken less time.

3. Doormat

Slide to Unlock doormat
(via: Meninos)

I dont get it.

4. iPad Tower, Dubai

iPad Tower, Dubai
(via: Boing Boing)

It doesn’t look like an ipod to me, just  a very impractical building. 

5. Needlework

cross-stitched dead ipod
(via: Apartment Therapy Unplggd)

I wonder what she/ he did with that after they were done…

6. Vase

iPod-inspired vase
(via: freshome)

It’s kind of pretty, and I don’t see the resemblance to an ipod.

7. Coffee table

iPod coffee table

This is crazy, and it looks horrible with that pink rug, but I think it would look horrible anywhere, even in the ipod store.

8. Car advertisement

Chevy Aveo ad
(via: below the bottom line)

I think it’s an appropriate use of the ipod. It’s a car that has an mp3 connection installed. Shows what it needs to. I’d like it, except it reminds me of the Absolut Vodka ads too much. 

9. USB flash memory

USB flash memory
(via: technabob)


It looks like it was made from the same material as Gumby. 


10. Artwork

(via: Switched)

11. Candy

(via: Popgadget)

I thik it’s weird, but I think it’s weirder that there’s probably a market for that.

12. Baby clothes

iPop My Baby
(via: iPop My Baby)

iPop My Baby
(via: iPop My Baby)

Babies are NOT toys. Although i’d probably dress up my kid in a ton of silly things if I had one. 

13. Coasters

iPhone coasters
(via: PicoCool)

They’d only work on an iPhone table.

14. Measuring tape


Probably made in China.

15. Ice cream bar


16. Soap

iPod soap
(etsy seller: Handmade Geekery)

Soooo Geeky! Imagine walking into one of your friends bathrooms and seeing this!

17. Bottle opener

iDrink bottle opener
(via: technabob)

18. Jewelry

Earbuds necklace by Anna Tascha Larsson
(designed by: Anna Tascha Larsson)

(via: Cuff-Daddy)

Only for Rappers and Baseball Players (and their wives )

19. Towels

iPod crossbones hand towel
(via: Shana Logic)

20. Advertisement that can be seen from space!

iPod from orbit
(via: Gizmodo)

via Lists Galore

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