I hate goodbye’s

May 12, 2009 at 5:51 pm Leave a comment

I’m not graduating this year, but I’m leaving Boston for a long time and I can’t help but think about all the little and big things I’m going to miss. I feel like venting, and here’s a list of some of those things.Boston Things I’m going to miss:

  1. My whole foods addictions (that special honey mustard, goat cheese salad, the little flavored yogurts, the salad bar, the chicken salad sandwich, the larger than most cupcakes)
  2. the 3 Little Pigs
  3. the concierges in my building  ( Ralph and Herb make this feel like home)
  4. my neighborhood where I actually feel I know people.
  5. anna’s taqueria’s tacos al pastor
  6. Wee my manicurist. She’s the best of the best. And the nicest person ever.
  7. my  broken in and broken couch (ask anyone, it’s the best)
  8. wine nights at my house
  9. all the shoes I’m going to have to leave behind
  10. The Hill’s breakfast BLT.
  11. Fig‘s Fig Pizza
  12. useless days with Moe
  13. SFR Runs and Matt dancing while driving
  14. my room, my bed, my pillow
  15. my bookshelf — i don’t believe in throwing out books and love having them all lined up.
  16. My DVR!!!! ( I loooooove it. I dont know when any of my favorite shows are done because he/it/she figures everythign out for me)
  17. being only 4 hours away from home
  18. but mostly: the friends that go to matinees with me, the friends that eat brunch with me, the friends that take cooking classes with me, the friends that watch satc reruns with me, the friends that have couch time with me, the friends that pretend to diet with me, the friends that make me want to become a better person, the partying friends, the library friends and the lazy friends.

Some of them sound snotty, but they’re the little things that make me, laugh, smile or just feel content.


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